Animals symbolism and meaning is a broad field of study that explores the deeper significance of creatures in our lives beyond their physical existence. Animals often symbolize various human attributes, emotions, and experiences. They can represent strength, wisdom, freedom, loyalty, and countless other qualities. The meanings are often derived from cultural, spiritual, or historical contexts.

  • Symbolizes: Strength, wisdom, freedom, loyalty, transformation, courage, etc.

Animals in Dreams

In the realm of dreams, animals often symbolize subconscious thoughts, desires, or fears. For instance, dreaming of a lion could suggest the need for asserting dominance, while a bird might signify a longing for freedom. Additionally, psychologists suggest that the specific behaviors of animals in dreams can provide deeper insights into our own behaviors and emotional states.

Animals in Myths and Folklore

Animals have been deeply embedded in myths and folklore for millennia. They serve as both protagonists and antagonists in these tales, symbolizing various human traits and life lessons. For instance, the cunning of a fox in folk tales teaches the consequences of deceit, while the story of the tortoise and the hare emphasizes the virtue of patience and perseverance.

In some cultures, animals in myths are often seen as sacred and are associated with deities. The eagle in Greek mythology, for example, is associated with Zeus, the king of the gods, symbolizing power and authority.

  • Symbolizes: Human traits, life lessons, virtues, vices, power, authority, etc.

Animals Spiritual Meanings

In many spiritual practices, animals serve as spiritual guides or totems. They are believed to offer guidance, protection, and lessons to individuals on their spiritual journeys. For example, in Native American spirituality, the bear represents strength and courage, while the butterfly symbolizes transformation and rebirth.

  • Symbolizes: Spiritual guidance, protection, life lessons, transformation, rebirth, etc.

Animals Tattoo Meaning

Animals are popular choices for tattoos, often symbolizing personal attributes, experiences, or aspirations. A wolf tattoo, for instance, might symbolize loyalty and a pack mentality, while a dragon tattoo could represent strength and wisdom. The interpretation, however, ultimately depends on the individual’s personal connection and interpretation of the animal.

  • Symbolizes: Personal attributes, experiences, aspirations, etc.


What do animals symbolize in dreams?
Animals in dreams often represent subconscious thoughts, desires, or fears. The specific behavior of the animal can also provide deeper insight.

What is the significance of animals in myths and folklore?
Animals in myths and folklore often symbolize human traits, virtues, vices, and life lessons. In some cultures, they are also associated with deities and power.

What do animals symbolize in spirituality?
In spiritual practices, animals often serve as guides or totems, offering guidance, protection, and lessons. The specific spiritual meaning of an animal varies across different cultures and spiritual practices.

What do animals symbolize in tattoos?
Animals in tattoos can symbolize personal attributes, experiences, or aspirations. The specific meaning can depend on the wearer’s personal connection and interpretation of the animal.


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