The circle is a universally recognized symbol that represents wholeness, unity, eternity, and the infinite. Its perfect symmetry is seen as the embodiment of balance and harmony. It also symbolically conveys cycles and rebirth due to its round nature that has no beginning or end. From a spiritual perspective, the circle is viewed as protective and sacred – often used in rituals and ceremonies to denote sacred spaces.

Circle in Dreams

In the realm of dreams, the circle can have deep psychological implications. Dream interpreters often view it as a reflection of the self and the ego. Encountering a circle in a dream can signify that the dreamer is beginning to find unity and wholeness within themselves. It may also indicate a desire for harmony and balance in their waking life. More complex interpretations include the circle as a symbol of some cyclic life process or pattern, suggesting that the dreamer is experiencing a period of renewal or continuity.

Circle in Myths and Folklore

The circle has a rich presence in various myths, folklore, fairy tales, and legends. In ancient Greek mythology, the circle was associated with the divine – the Olympic gods were often depicted eating ambrosia and drinking from circular cups. The Celtic culture revered the circle as a symbol of the goddess and the divine feminine. In Norse mythology, the circle represents perfection and eternity, embodied in the mythical serpent Jormungand who eats its own tail forming a circle. In many Native American cultures, the circle is a fundamental symbol representing life cycles, seasons, and the elements. In these contexts, the circle is not only a geometric shape but a powerful symbol laden with deep cultural and spiritual significance.


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