The Civet, a small, nocturnal mammal known for its musk and unique coloration, symbolizes mystery, the unseen, and the sensual. Its elusive nature and nocturnal habits make it a symbol of the hidden and unexplored. Furthermore, the civet’s production of musk, a component used in perfumery, links it to sensuality and desire. Given its distinct markings and nocturnal nature, the civet also embodies individuality and the ability to thrive in solitude.

  • Symbolism: Mystery, Sensuality, Individuality, Solitude, The Unseen

Civet in Dreams

Dreaming about a civet might suggest that you are keeping something hidden or that there is something you need to explore further. The civet, being a nocturnal creature, is often associated with the unknown or unexplored areas of our lives. A civet in your dream could also symbolize sensuality or sexuality, given its association with musk and perfume.

  • Symbolism: Hidden matters, Exploration of the Unknown, Sensuality, Sexuality

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Civet in Myths and Folklore

The civet holds a place of respect in some African cultures. Among the Betsileo people of Madagascar, the civet is considered a sacred animal and its appearance is regarded as a good omen. Furthermore, the civet’s musk, known as civetone, is highly prized in perfumery and has historically been used for religious ceremonies, indicating its association with divinity and purity. In contrast, in some Asian cultures, the civet has been associated with deceit and cunning, likely due to its elusive and nocturnal habits.

In Japanese folklore, the civet, or ‘tanuki’, is often portrayed as a trickster figure, using its ability to shapeshift to deceive humans. These tales underscore the civet’s symbolism as a creature of mystery and deception.

  • Symbolism: Good Omen, Divinity, Purity, Deceit, Cunning, Trickster

Civet Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, the Civet encourages exploration of the unknown and the hidden. It symbolizes the journey into the depths of the self, the exploration of one’s desires, and the embracing of individuality. Due to its nocturnal nature, the Civet as a spirit animal also urges you to trust in your intuition and the wisdom of your inner self.

  • Symbolism: Exploration of Self, Embracing Individuality, Intuition, Inner Wisdom

Civet Tattoo Meaning

A Civet tattoo can stand for a myriad of things for an individual. It could represent a love for the mystery, the unknown and the unexplored, or it could be a symbol of individuality and solitude. The Civet’s association with sensuality and desire, due to its role in perfumery, could also make it a symbol of attraction and passion.

  • Symbolism: Love for Mystery, Individuality, Solitude, Attraction, Passion


What does the Civet symbolize?

The Civet symbolizes mystery, sensuality, individuality and solitude.

What does it mean to dream of a Civet?

Dreaming of a Civet could indicate hidden matters or suggest the need for exploration of the unknown. It could also symbolize sensuality or sexuality.

What is the spiritual meaning of a Civet?

Spiritually, the Civet encourages self-exploration, embracing individuality, and trusting in one’s intuition.

What does a Civet tattoo symbolize?

A Civet tattoo could symbolize a love for mystery, individuality, solitude, attraction, and passion.


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