The columbine flower, known scientifically as Aquilegia, holds a significant place in symbolic language due to its unique and attractive features. It has been recognized for centuries as a symbol of love, foolishness, and innocence. The five petals of the columbine flower symbolize the five doves, while its distinctive spur shapes at the back represent eagle claws. Its symbolism is derived from the Latin name ‘Aquilegia’ which translates to ‘eagle’ and ‘Columbine’ which signifies ‘dove’. Interestingly, the flower also stands for desertion, which relates to its short lifespan.

  • Symbolizes love
  • Represents innocence and foolishness
  • Five petals symbolize five doves
  • Spur shapes represent eagle claws
  • Also stands for desertion due to its short lifespan

Columbine Flower in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming of a columbine flower may signify the dreamer’s desire for love and romantic relationships. This is due to the flower’s traditional association with love and innocence. A dream featuring a blooming columbine may suggest new romantic opportunities, while a wilting one could indicate a fading relationship or unrequited love.

  • Symbol of desire for love and romantic relationships in dreams
  • Blooming columbine signifies new romantic opportunities
  • Wilting columbine represents fading relationships or unrequited love

Columbine Flower in Myths and Folklore

The columbine flower has a rich presence in Celtic mythology. It was considered sacred to the Celtic goddess Brigid and was used in love potions due to its heart-shaped petals. In Norse mythology, it was associated with Freya, the goddess of love, and was believed to draw love when worn. Furthermore, Christian folklore refers to it as the ‘Dove of the Church’ due to the flower’s resemblance to five doves in a circle when viewed upside down.

In Native American folklore, the columbine flower was used in ceremonies for its healing properties. It was also believed that the flower could grant the power of invisibility when carried in a sachet.

  • Sacred to the Celtic goddess Brigid
  • Used in love potions in Celtic mythology
  • Associated with Freya, the Norse goddess of love
  • Referred to as ‘Dove of the Church’ in Christian folklore
  • Used in healing ceremonies and believed to grant invisibility in Native American folklore

Columbine Flower Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, the columbine flower symbolizes courage and determination, reflecting its ability to thrive in adverse conditions. Its five spurs are thought to represent the five stages of life, making it a symbol of growth and progression. It also stands for the free spirit, reflecting its natural growth in the wild and its resistance to cultivation.

  • Symbolizes courage and determination
  • Represents the five stages of life
  • Stands for free spirit

Columbine Flower Tattoo Meaning

A columbine flower tattoo usually represents love, foolishness, and innocence, reflecting the traditional symbolism of the flower. However, it can also symbolize resilience and a free spirit, inspired by the flower’s natural growth in the wild. Some choose this tattoo to represent personal growth and progression, drawing from the flower’s association with the five stages of life.

  • Represents love, foolishness, and innocence
  • Symbolizes resilience and a free spirit
  • Represents personal growth and progression


What does a columbine flower symbolize?
A columbine flower generally symbolizes love, foolishness, and innocence. However, it can also represent desertion due to its short lifespan.

What does a columbine flower represent in dreams?
In dreams, a columbine flower may signify a desire for love and romance. A blooming columbine suggests new romantic possibilities, while a wilting one may represent a fading relationship or unrequited love.

What is the significance of a columbine flower in mythology and folklore?
In mythology and folklore, the columbine flower has various significances. It is linked with the Celtic goddess Brigid and the Norse goddess of love, Freya. It is also referred to as the ‘Dove of the Church’ in Christian folklore and is associated with healing and invisibility in Native American folklore.

What is the spiritual meaning of a columbine flower?
Spiritually, the columbine flower signifies courage and determination. It is also seen as a symbol of the free spirit and represents the five stages of life.

What does a columbine flower tattoo symbolize?
A columbine flower tattoo typically symbolizes love, foolishness, and innocence. It can also represent resilience, a free spirit, and personal growth.

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