The crab symbolizes trust, emotion, and protection, primarily because of its hard shell and its ability to scuttle sideways rather than moving in a straight line. Its shell represents a protective barrier, reflecting themes of self-preservation and personal boundaries. The crab’s nature of moving sideways can signify progress, adaptability, and the indirect approach to challenges.

Crab in Dreams

In dreams, a crab might be interpreted as an indication of tenacity, resilience, and the need to approach problems or fears indirectly. Dreaming of a crab may reflect feelings of vulnerability and the necessity to protect oneself or one’s feelings. It could also symbolize a situation in life where progress is being made, but in a slow and perhaps circuitous manner.

Crab in Myths and Folklore

Crabs are featured in various myths and folklore. In ancient Greek mythology, the crab was placed in the sky by Hera, becoming the constellation Cancer, after playing a minor but strategic role in the Twelve Labors of Hercules. In some Pacific Islander myths, crabs are linked with the moon, affecting its cycles and tides. In Japanese folklore, the Heike crabs are believed to be reincarnations of defeated warriors, their shells bearing a resemblance to a human face, symbolizing the idea of rebirth and eternal life.

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