Flying squirrels are fascinating creatures, captivating people’s imaginations with their ability to glide gracefully through the air. Their symbolic meaning is predominantly tied to freedom, agility, and adaptability. These nocturnal animals are also associated with mystery and hidden knowledge, due to their elusive nature and preference for darkness.

  • Symbolism: Freedom, Agility, Adaptability, Mystery, Hidden Knowledge.

Flying Squirrel in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, seeing a flying squirrel in your dreams could indicate that you are navigating through life with grace and flexibility, handling situations with ease. It may also suggest that you are in touch with your subconscious and are open to hidden knowledge or insights. On the other hand, a flying squirrel in dreams could symbolize a desire to break free from something or escape reality.

  • Symbolism: Flexibility, Subconscious Connection, Desire for Freedom.

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Flying Squirrel in Myths and Folklore

Despite not featuring prominently in myths or folklore, the flying squirrel does appear in some Native American stories. In one Iroquoian legend, this agile creature helps bring fire to mankind, thereby embodying the spirit of assistance and sacrifice. In another story from the Mi’kmaq people, the flying squirrel is associated with intelligence and cunning, outwitting a larger predator through its quick thinking.

In many modern interpretations, the flying squirrel’s ability to glide through the air is likened to spiritual ascension or the soul’s journey after death, symbolizing the liberation from earthly ties.

  • Symbolism: Assistance, Sacrifice, Intelligence, Cunning, Spiritual Ascension, Liberation.

Flying Squirrel Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, the flying squirrel can represent the ability to transcend obstacles and limitations, thanks to its unique ability to glide. This creature’s adaptability to both land and air symbolizes the need for balance between earthly and spiritual matters. To some, it might also symbolize the mysterious nature of the spirit realm, due to its nocturnal habits and elusive presence.

  • Symbolism: Transcendence, Balance, Mystery, Spirit Realm.

Flying Squirrel Tattoo Meaning

A flying squirrel tattoo could have a multitude of meanings, depending on the wearer’s personal interpretation. However, it commonly symbolizes freedom, agility, and flexibility. This tattoo could also represent the wearer’s connection to the spirit realm or a desire for liberation. The nocturnal aspect of the flying squirrel may appeal to those who identify with the mysteries of the night.

  • Symbolism: Freedom, Agility, Flexibility, Connection to the Spirit Realm, Liberation, Mystery.


What does a flying squirrel symbolize?
Flying squirrels are predominantly symbolic of freedom, agility, and adaptability. They are also associated with mystery and hidden knowledge, due to their elusive, nocturnal nature.

What does it mean to dream of a flying squirrel?
Dreaming of a flying squirrel can symbolize the ability to navigate life with grace and flexibility. It might also suggest a connection to subconscious insights or a desire for freedom.

What could a flying squirrel tattoo represent?
A flying squirrel tattoo commonly represents freedom, agility, and flexibility. It might also symbolize a connection to the spirit realm, a desire for liberation, or an affinity for the mysteries of the night.


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