The heart symbol is most commonly associated with love and affection. As a central organ, the heart also symbolizes life and vitality. It represents the emotional core of human beings, encompassing feelings such as compassion, understanding, and empathy. This symbol is often used to denote the center of emotion, including the virtues of truth, courage, and conscience.

Heart in Dreams

In dreams, the heart can embody one’s personal center and emotional world. Psychologically, it may reflect concerns about love and relationships, or fears of heartache and vulnerability. It can also indicate a recognition of one’s inner strength or a calling to listen more closely to one’s true feelings and desires. Dream interpretations suggest that a strong or large heart may symbolize a generous nature, while a cold or weak heart might represent suppressed emotions or insensitivity.

Heart in Myths and Folklore

Throughout mythology and folklore, the heart often carries profound significance. In many stories, it is depicted as the source of a character’s strength or weakness, sometimes even holding magical or sacred power. For example, in some tales, eating the heart of a creature is believed to bestow its qualities upon the eater. In fairy tales, the heart is frequently at the core of a character’s journey, symbolizing their true nature or destiny, and it is often the heart’s purity or courage that prevails over adversity.

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