The hibiscus flower, with its vibrant colours and delicate petals, holds significant symbolism across various cultures. Whether used to symbolize beauty, passion, power, or respect, this enchanting bloom speaks volumes on its own.

  • Symbolism: Beauty, Passion, Power, Respect

Hibiscus in Dreams

When you dream of a hibiscus, it often signifies a need for renewal or transformation. It could also reflect your desire to express yourself freely and passionately without fear or restraint. This vibrant flower appearing in your dream can also indicate that you need to pay attention to love and beauty in your life or that you’re in a period of growth and self-discovery.

  • Symbolism: Renewal, Transformation, Expression, Growth, Self-discovery

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Hibiscus in Myths and Folklore

In Hawaiian myths, the hibiscus is associated with the goddess Pele who is known for her fiery temperament, symbolizing power and passion. The hibiscus is also often seen in the hair of Hawaiian hula dancers as a symbol of their beauty and grace. In Victorian times, sending a hibiscus to someone would imply that the sender thinks the recipient is beautiful.

In Chinese folklore, the hibiscus is associated with wealth and fame. It’s said that having hibiscus in your garden can bring you prosperity and notoriety. Also, in ancient Egypt, it was thought that hibiscus could bring about lust and love when used in certain rituals and ceremonies.

  • Symbolism: Power, Passion, Beauty, Wealth, Fame, Love

Hibiscus Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, the hibiscus symbolizes the delicate balance between the physical and the spiritual world. Its vibrant colors and unique shape demonstrate the beauty and diversity of life on earth, while its short bloom time serves as a reminder of the transient nature of earthly pleasures. The hibiscus encourages us to appreciate every moment and to find joy in our physical existence.

  • Symbolism: Balance, Diversity, Transience, Joy

Hibiscus Tattoo Meaning

Getting a hibiscus tattoo often symbolizes a deep commitment to beauty, passion, and self-expression. It can also represent a connection to tropical places or a love for exotic, natural beauty. For others, a hibiscus tattoo may symbolize a significant transformation or turning point in their life.

  • Symbolism: Beauty, Passion, Self-expression, Transformation


What does a hibiscus flower symbolize?
The hibiscus flower generally symbolizes beauty, passion, power, and respect. However, its specific meaning can vary across different cultures and contexts.

What does dreaming of a hibiscus mean?
Dreaming of a hibiscus often reflects a need for renewal or transformation. It can also express a desire for freedom of expression, or signal a period of growth and self-discovery.

What does a hibiscus tattoo symbolize?
A hibiscus tattoo can symbolize a commitment to beauty, passion, and self-expression. It can also represent a transformative period in one’s life, or a connection to tropical places.


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