The ostrich is often symbolized as a creature of avoidance or denial due to its mythicized behavior of burying its head in the sand. This act is metaphorically linked to ignoring problems or refusing to confront issues. Additionally, the ostrich’s powerful legs and speed are seen as symbols of strength and endurance, reflecting the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges.

Ostrich in Dreams

In dream symbolism, an ostrich may represent a refusal to face reality or a tendency to escape from responsibilities. Seeing an ostrich in a dream might indicate that the dreamer is avoiding a particular situation in their waking life or is unwilling to accept the truth about something. Conversely, it may also symbolize a desire to break free from constraints and run towards one’s goals with determination.

Ostrich in Myths and Folklore

While the ostrich doesn’t have a prominent presence in many classical myths or legends, it does appear in various cultural stories and beliefs. In some African folklore, the ostrich is admired for its speed and grace, and its feathers are seen as symbols of beauty and status. In Islamic tradition, the ostrich has been associated with the act of creation, as its egg symbolizes the world. The ancient Egyptians also revered the ostrich feather as a symbol of Ma’at, the goddess of truth and justice, and it was used in the weighing of the heart ceremony to represent balance and purity.

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