Purple flowers commonly symbolize royalty, elegance, and grace. Often associated with nobility and luxury, they embody refinement and sophistication. Purple flowers are also known to represent spiritual insight, encouraging the recipient to trust their intuition and inner guidance. This vibrant color is also linked to creativity, along with the inspiration to express oneself openly. Yet, with its calming and soothing tones, purple flowers also symbolize serenity and peace.

  • Symbolism: Royalty, Elegance, Grace
  • Meaning: Nobility, Luxury, Spiritual Insight, Creativity, Serenity, Peace

Purple Flower in Dreams

Dreaming of purple flowers signifies love, romance, and relationships. It may hint at a budding romantic interest or the deepening of an existing relationship. From a psychological perspective, such dreams might reflect personal growth and self-discovery. They can also signify a desire for spiritual development and the pursuit of higher consciousness. The vibrant color purple in dreams is often associated with intuition, mystic powers, and spiritual fulfillment.

  • Symbolism: Love, Romance, Relationships
  • Meaning: Personal Growth, Self-Discovery, Spiritual Development, Intuition, Mystic Powers

Purple Flower in Myths and Folklore

Purple flowers hold a significant place in many myths and legends. For instance, in Greek mythology, the god Hermes fell in love with a nymph who later turned into a purple crocus flower. This tale suggests that purple flowers can symbolize transformation and change. In another legend, fairies were believed to be attracted to purple foxgloves, adding a mystical and magical symbolism to these flowers. In Japanese folklore, the purple wisteria symbolizes love, support, and deep emotional connections.

Purple flowers have also been associated with the sacred and divine in many cultures. In Christianity, the purple Passion flower was seen as a symbol of the crucifixion, with its purple petals representing the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Meanwhile, in Hinduism and Buddhism, the purple lotus is revered as a symbol of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

  • Symbolism: Transformation, Change, Mystic, Magical, Sacred, Divine
  • Meaning: Love, Support, Emotional Connections, Suffering, Sacrifice, Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment

Purple Flower Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually speaking, purple flowers embody the energy of meditation, introspection, and spiritual awareness. They can be utilized to inspire reflection and encourage a deeper connection to the spiritual world. These flowers can remind us to listen to our intuition and open ourselves to the spiritual realms. Purple flowers are also often associated with angels and higher spiritual beings, symbolizing divine guidance and protection.

  • Symbolism: Meditation, Introspection, Spiritual Awareness
  • Meaning: Reflection, Connection to the Spiritual World, Intuition, Divine Guidance, Protection

Purple Flower Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos with purple flowers often symbolize power, luxury, and ambition. They can also represent a journey towards self-discovery and personal growth. The purple color in these tattoos signifies spiritual wisdom and enlightenment, suggesting a deeper understanding of life and existence. A purple flower tattoo could also symbolize a tribute to a loved one or a celebration of life and vitality.

  • Symbolism: Power, Luxury, Ambition
  • Meaning: Self-Discovery, Personal Growth, Spiritual Wisdom, Enlightenment, Tribute, Celebration of Life


What do purple flowers symbolize?

Purple flowers commonly symbolize royalty, elegance, and grace. They are also associated with spiritual insight, creativity, and serenity.

What do purple flower tattoos represent?

Purple flower tattoos often symbolize power, luxury, ambition, self-discovery, and personal growth. They may also represent spiritual wisdom, enlightenment, a tribute to a loved one, or a celebration of life.

What does dreaming of purple flowers mean?

Dreaming of purple flowers signifies love, romance, relationships, personal growth, self-discovery, and spiritual development. It may also indicate intuition and mystic powers.

What is the significance of purple flowers in myths and folklore?

Purple flowers can symbolize transformation, change, and mysticism in myths and folklore. They can also represent love, support, emotional connections, suffering, sacrifice, and spiritual awakening.

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