The rose, with its intricate layers of petals and thorns, is predominantly a symbol of love, beauty, and balance. Different colors of roses also carry specific meanings; for instance, a red rose typically symbolizes deep love and respect, a white rose signifies purity and innocence, and a yellow rose stands for friendship and joy. Beyond love, roses also symbolize confidentiality—the Latin phrase “sub rosa” (under the rose) means something told in secret.

Rose in Dreams

Dreaming of a rose may indicate budding romantic feelings, a desire for passion, or an appreciation of beauty in one’s life. The state of the rose in the dream can further refine its interpretation; a wilting rose might suggest lost love or fleeting beauty, while a blooming one can symbolize a flourishing relationship or a period of personal growth.

Rose in Myths and Folklore

Roses frequently appear in myths and legends. In Greek mythology, roses are associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. According to one tale, roses became red when Aphrodite pricked herself on a thorn and her blood stained the flowers. The “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale presents a castle surrounded by rose thorns, representing the barrier between the princess and the outside world. In the legend of the “War of the Roses,” the red rose and white rose symbolize two rival factions vying for the throne of England.

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