The scale is a universal symbol of balance, justice, and equity. It represents the fair and impartial weighing of different sides of an argument, decision, or situation. In the legal context, scales are emblematic of the objectivity and fairness expected in the administration of justice. They also illustrate the idea of cause and effect, where every action has a corresponding reaction, and the need to weigh decisions carefully. In commerce, scales symbolize fair trade and the honest assessment of the value of goods and services.

Scale in Dreams

In the realm of dreams, encountering scales can symbolize a psychological balancing act. It may reflect the dreamer’s internal struggle to weigh options, make a decision, or find harmony in conflicting aspects of their life. A scale appearing in a dream could also indicate the dreamer’s search for fairness and resolution in a personal dilemma or a feeling of being judged. If the scales are unbalanced, it might suggest an awareness of injustice or inequality in the dreamer’s waking life.

Scale in Myths and Folklore

Scales feature prominently in mythology and folklore as instruments of divine judgment. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, for instance, the scale is used in the weighing of the heart ceremony, determining the worthiness of a soul in the afterlife. In many cultures, scales are often held or associated with deities of justice and law, emphasizing the sacred nature of truth and fairness. In stories and allegories, scales may come to represent a turning point where characters must be evaluated on their merits or where critical decisions affecting the fate of others are made.

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