Scrolls symbolize knowledge, wisdom, and time across a variety of cultures. They usually represent ancient, hidden, or sacred knowledge. This is partially due to their historical role in preserving and transmitting information before the advent of books. Scrolls are also synonymous with time, specifically the unraveling or unfolding of events, just as a scroll is unfurled to reveal its contents. Hence, scrolls often symbolize the unfolding of life and destiny.

Scroll in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming about scrolls can represent a variety of themes based on the context. Overall, they’re often viewed as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, and personal development. In dreams, a scroll may suggest that there is important information that needs to be discovered or understood. It may also represent a need for retrospection, especially if the scroll is old or antique. The act of reading a scroll in a dream may reflect the dreamer’s quest for wisdom and self-understanding.

Scroll in Myths and Folklore

Scrolls feature prominently in many myths, legends, and fairy tales. In these narratives, scrolls often function as powerful artifacts that contain sacred or forbidden knowledge. For example, in ancient Egyptian mythology, Thoth, the god of wisdom and writing, was said to possess a divine scroll that contained all the secrets of the universe. In Western folklore, scrolls are often associated with wizards and scholars, who use them to cast spells or reveal prophetic messages. Similarly, in East Asian folklore, scrolls often contain powerful spells or sacred teachings. These examples underscore the scroll’s universal symbolism as a vessel of knowledge, power, and mystery.

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