Shears are a common tool used for cutting, shaping, or pruning, typically consisting of two blades joined at a pivot. In a symbolic context, shears can represent a variety of concepts, including transformation, separation, or decision-making. The action of cutting with shears can symbolize the act of releasing or letting go, signifying the removal of unnecessary elements or influences. On the other hand, shears can also symbolize control and precision, reflecting the meticulous care and attention required in tasks such as pruning or tailoring.

Shears in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming about shears can have several interpretations. Often, they are seen as a symbol of change or transition, relating to the dreamer’s desire to cut ties from certain aspects of their life or to make significant changes. They can also reflect feelings of control or power, especially over one’s personal space and boundaries. However, if the dream involves fear or anxiety related to the shears, it may symbolize feelings of being cut off, isolated, or under threat.

Shears in Myths and Folklore

In various myths and folklore, shears often carry a sense of foreboding or finality. In Greek mythology, for example, the three Fates, or Moirai, used shears to cut the thread of life, symbolizing the end of a person’s life. In other cultures, shears are sometimes associated with witchcraft or magic, used in rituals or spells to cut ties or connections. In fairy tales and legends, shears can represent transformation or change, often in a dramatic or irreversible way, such as cutting off a character’s hair to signify a loss of strength or identity.


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