Sheep, as a symbol, primarily represents innocence, purity, and docility. These gentle creatures are often associated with peace, tranquility, and unity due to their flocking behavior. Sheep also symbolize sacrifice and patience, given their historical and religious relevance in sacrificial rituals.

  • Symbolism: Innocence, purity, docility, peace, tranquility, unity, sacrifice, patience.

Sheep in Dreams

When sheep appear in dreams, they usually denote feelings of contentment, comfort, and security. These animals are seen as a reflection of your personal life, indicating a desire for peace and harmony, or the need for conformity and acceptance within a group. Dreaming of sheep can also be an indication of your compassionate and nurturing side.

  • Symbolism: Contentment, comfort, security, peace, harmony, conformity, acceptance, compassion, nurturing.

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Sheep in Myths and Folklore

In folklore, the sheep often embodies virtues of gentleness, kindness, and benevolence. For instance, in the Greek myth of the Golden Fleece, the sheep’s fleece symbolizes authority and kingship. In Irish folklore, sheep are considered lucky and seeing one in a dream is a good omen. In Christian parables, the sheep, being led by a shepherd, symbolize the faithful who follow their spiritual leader.

In contrast, in Scottish and Nordic folklore, the ‘Black Sheep’ is often seen as an omen of bad luck or an individual who deviates from societal norms.

  • Symbolism: Gentleness, kindness, benevolence, authority, kingship, good luck, faith, deviation from norm.

Sheep Spiritual Meanings

On a spiritual level, the symbol of a sheep encourages feelings of love, warmth, and kindness. It also signifies following a path of righteousness, embodying the qualities of the ‘good shepherd’. Sheep often symbolize the ability to express gratitude and appreciate the simple pleasures in life. They are seen as reminders of being gentle with oneself and others.

  • Symbolism: Love, warmth, kindness, righteousness, gratitude, appreciation, gentleness.

Sheep Tattoo Meaning

A sheep tattoo typically symbolizes innocence, purity, and a peaceful nature. It may also represent one’s desire to belong to a community or a group, reflecting the flocking behavior of sheep. The image of a lone sheep or the ‘Black Sheep’, on the other hand, can denote individuality and non-conformity.

  • Symbolism: Innocence, purity, peace, community, belonging, individuality, non-conformity.


What does the sheep symbolize in Christianity?
In Christianity, the sheep is a significant religious symbol. It represents the followers of Christ, often referred to as ‘the Lamb of God’. The sheep’s obedience and meekness exemplify the desired virtues of a Christian believer.

What does a black sheep tattoo symbolize?
A black sheep tattoo often symbolizes individuality, uniqueness, and non-conformity. It stands for those who prefer to follow their own path rather than conform to societal norms.

What does dreaming of a flock of sheep mean?
Dreaming of a flock of sheep generally symbolizes peace, harmony, and the need for acceptance within a community or a group. It reflects your desire to conform and belong.

What does the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology symbolize?
The Golden Fleece in Greek mythology, obtained from a divine ram, symbolizes authority, kingship, and the pursuit of a worthy goal. It represents power, wealth, and the reward of an heroic endeavor.


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