A shield has universally symbolized protection, bravery and strength across various cultures throughout history. It is a symbol of defense, safeguarding the bearer from harm or danger. The shield also embodies the idea of vigilance and foresight, standing as a representation for a proactive approach in anticipating potential threats and taking measures to prevent them. Further, the shield is often used in heraldry, emblazoned with emblems or devices that signify family lineage, honor, and achievement, thereby representing identity and heritage.

Shield in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming of a shield may suggest the dreamer’s need or desire for protection and security in their waking life. It may symbolize emotional or psychological defense mechanisms, reflecting an individual’s subconscious effort to guard themselves from emotional harm, anxiety, or vulnerability. The shield in a dream could also indicate the dreamer’s resilience, their ability to withstand adversity and confront challenges. Furthermore, it might symbolize a fear of letting others in, due to past emotional injuries, indicating a need for personal boundaries.

Shield in Myths and Folklore

Shields have a prominent presence in various myths, legends, and fairy tales worldwide, often as magical or divine artifacts. For instance, in Greek mythology, the shield of Achilles, forged by the god Hephaestus, signifies divine protection and invincibility. In the Norse mythology, shields were associated with the Valkyries, who used them to choose the bravest warriors destined for Valhalla. In the Arthurian legend, the shield carried by Sir Gawain, bearing a pentangle, stands as a symbol of truth, loyalty, and virtue. In these contexts, the shield not only provides physical protection, but also embodies moral and spiritual values, and the power of divine or supernatural forces.

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