Tongs are a common tool found in many kitchens and workshops, known for their role in gripping and lifting objects. Symbolically, tongs represent control, dexterity, and manipulation. They embody the concept of handling delicate situations with care and precision, and are often associated with the element of fire, given their traditional role in stoking flames and managing hot objects. The presence of tongs in symbolism also signifies the ability to mediate between opposing forces, as they are utilized to manage and control items that are otherwise too dangerous or difficult to handle directly.

Tongs in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming about tongs can be a representation of the dreamer’s perceived need for control. The presence of tongs in a dream could suggest that the dreamer feels a need to manage a hot or sensitive situation that they are unable to handle directly. Dreams about tongs might also suggest a lack of direct influence or control over a particular situation, reflecting the indirect nature of tongs’ use. Furthermore, tongs in dreams can symbolize a call for balance and mediation, reflecting the tool’s purpose of safely managing opposing forces.

Tongs in Myths and Folklore

Despite their common presence in day-to-day life, tongs do not frequently appear in myths and folklore. However, when they do appear, they are often in the hands of deities or mythical figures with a connection to fire or craftsmanship. In Irish mythology, for example, the god Goibniu, a master of metalwork, is often depicted using tongs in his forge. Similarly, the Greek god Hephaestus, known for his skill in blacksmithing, is often shown with tongs at his anvil. In these contexts, tongs symbolize not only control and precision, but also creation and transformation, embodying the transformative power of fire and the creative potential of craftsmanship.


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