Vases, owing to their utilitarian and artistic significance, are potent symbols in various societies, having a rich symbolic value. Generally, a vase represents the feminine aspect, embodying fertility, beauty, and receptivity. It is also symbolic of life, love, and the nurturing element. The vase’s shape is suggestive of the womb, further strengthening the association with fertility and the female form. Additionally, due to its function of holding flowers or plants, it also symbolizes life, growth, and the nurturing quality.

Vase in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming about vases can be interpreted in several ways. The vase often symbolizes the dreamer’s inner self, their feelings, emotions, and aspects of their unconscious. Since the vase is a container, it may represent the dreamer’s capacity to hold certain emotions or experiences. If the vase is full, it may suggest emotional fulfilness, while an empty vase might indicate feelings of emptiness or lack. The condition of the vase also matters: a broken vase could signify a sense of loss or disappointment, while a beautiful, ornate vase might symbolize self-love and acceptance.

Vase in Myths and Folklore

The vase or pot features prominently in many myths, fairy tales, and legends worldwide. In Greek mythology, the story of Pandora’s Box (which was actually a jar or vase) is a prominent example. The vase was considered a container of all the world’s evils, and when opened, it released these troubles into the world. Similarly, in Chinese folklore, vases often appear as symbols of luck and prosperity, especially if they contain certain plants or objects. In some Native American cultures, the creation of the world is often described as a process involving a sacred or magical vessel, reinforcing the vase’s connection to life and creation.


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