A vault, a structure typically used to provide a strong and secure form of storage, is often associated with wealth, protection, and secrecy. As a symbol, it signifies safety, security, and hidden treasures or knowledge. It implies a sense of strong defense against potential threats or danger. The vault symbolizes a place where something valuable is kept and well-guarded.

  • Symbolism: Wealth, Protection, Secrecy, Safety, Security, Hidden treasures, Hidden knowledge

Vault in Dreams

In a dream, seeing or being in a vault suggests that you may be hiding something from others or keeping your feelings and thoughts to yourself. It can indicate a desire for privacy or a need to protect your personal space and boundaries. Alternatively, finding an open vault in a dream may symbolize opportunities and potential wealth.

  • Dream Meaning: Secrecy, Protection, Privacy, Personal boundary, Opportunity, Potential wealth

Vault in Myths and Folklore

In mythology, vaults often appear as repositories of secret or sacred knowledge. For example, in the myth of Pandora’s Box, the box could be seen as a kind of vault, containing all the evils of the world. Vault-like structures in folklore are often seen as challenge or obstacle that must be overcome to access hidden knowledge or treasure. They symbolize the idea of a guarded secret, a mystery that needs to be unraveled, or a test that needs to be passed.

Additionally, in some folklore, the vault is a symbol of the underworld or a portal to another world. It embodies the idea of a journey or a transformative process, signifying the passage from one state of being to another.

  • Folklore Symbolism: Secret knowledge, Guarded secret, Challenge, Obstacle, Underworld, Portal, Transformation

Vault Spiritual Meanings

In a spiritual context, a vault can represent the innermost, sacred part of the self. It symbolizes the hidden, divine knowledge within every individual, which is guarded and protected. It may also signify the unconscious mind and its untapped potentials. The vault, in spiritual symbolism, invites introspection and discovery of the self.

  • Spiritual Meaning: Inner self, Sacredness, Divine knowledge, Unconscious mind, Introspection, Self-discovery

Vault Tattoo Meaning

A vault tattoo could symbolize a person’s desire to protect something dear to them, such as their memories, loved ones, or personal beliefs. It could also represent a person’s determination and resilience, illustrating their ability to guard against adversities. An open vault tattoo might symbolize a revelation or an opportunity, an invitation to unlock one’s potential or explore one’s hidden depths.

  • Tattoo Meaning: Protection, Resilience, Opportunity, Revelation, Exploration, Unlock potential


What does a Vault symbolize?
A vault symbolizes wealth, protection, secrecy, safety, security, hidden treasures, and hidden knowledge.

What does seeing a Vault in a dream mean?
Seeing a vault in a dream can indicate secrecy, protection, privacy, personal boundary, opportunity, and potential wealth.

What is the significance of Vaults in myths and folklore?
Vaults in myths and folklore often symbolize secret knowledge, guarded secrets, challenges, obstacles, the underworld, portals, and transformation.

What does a Vault represent in a spiritual context?
In a spiritual context, a vault represents the inner self, sacredness, divine knowledge, the unconscious mind, introspection, and self-discovery.

What does a Vault tattoo mean?
A vault tattoo can symbolize protection, resilience, opportunity, revelation, exploration, and the unlocking of potential.

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