The wasp is a symbol of communication, development, progress, and order. It often conveys the necessity of taking control over our own lives and asserting ourselves in different situations. As an emblem of power and control, the wasp teaches us about productivity and making our dreams a reality.

  • Symbolism: Communication, development, progress, order, power, control, productivity, realization of dreams

Wasp in Dreams

In the realm of dream interpretation, encountering a wasp signifies issues that may be bothering you. It might indicate a situation or person causing you distress. On a positive note, a wasp in a dream can also imply that you are making great strides towards your goals. If the wasp in your dream is not hostile, it may suggest that you are effectively communicating your feelings and thoughts.

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  • Symbolism: Distress, goal achievement, effective communication

Wasp in Myths and Folklore

In ancient Greek mythology, the wasp was associated with the warrior class. The Myrmidons, warriors known for their discipline and bravery, were said to have been created from ants by the god Zeus, but their symbol was the wasp. This signifies the wasp’s connection to order, discipline, and warfare. In Native American folklore, the wasp symbolizes the importance of staying focused on one’s dreams and aspirations. It is believed that observing the wasp can provide guidance on how to implement these dreams into reality.

  • Symbolism: Warrior spirit, discipline, order, focus, aspiration fulfillment

Wasp Spiritual Meanings

In spiritual symbolism, the wasp is connected to manifestation, communication, and accomplishing goals. It serves as a reminder to express your ideas and take the necessary steps to achieve your dreams. The wasp’s buzzing is seen as a message to keep working hard and to be persistent in your efforts.

  • Symbolism: Manifestation, communication, goal accomplishment, hard work, persistence

Wasp Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of a wasp tattoo can vary depending on a person’s personal experiences and interpretation. However, commonly, a wasp tattoo symbolizes power, control, and defense. It can also be a symbol of transformation and development, as the wasp goes through different stages in its life, from larva to adult. Some also get the wasp tattoo as a representation of their warrior spirit or their determination to fulfill their dreams.

  • Symbolism: Power, control, defense, transformation, development, warrior spirit, determination


What does a wasp symbolize?
The wasp symbolizes communication, development, progress, power, control, and the realization of dreams.

What does a wasp in a dream mean?
A wasp in a dream can signify distress or issues bothering you. Alternatively, it could also symbolize goal achievement and effective communication.

What is the significance of wasp in myths and folklore?
In ancient Greek mythology, wasps were associated with the warrior class, representing discipline and order. In Native American folklore, the wasp symbolizes focus and aspiration fulfillment.

What is the spiritual meaning of a wasp?
The wasp in spiritual symbolism is connected to manifestation, communication, and accomplishing goals. It serves as a reminder to express ideas and work hard towards achieving dreams.

What does a wasp tattoo mean?
A wasp tattoo often symbolizes power, control, defense, and transformation. It can also represent a person’s warrior spirit or determination to fulfill their dreams.


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