Ziggurat is a symbol that represents divine connection, spiritual ascent, and human ingenuity. Ziggurats, with their tiered, pyramid-like structure, were ancient temple towers found in Mesopotamia, believed to be bridges between earth and heaven. As such, they hold a powerful symbolism of man’s effort to reach the divine and bring the heavens closer to earth. From an architectural point of view, the Ziggurat embodies human achievement and intellect, showcasing the capability of ancient societies to build such grand structures.

Ziggurat in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, seeing a Ziggurat in a dream can indicate an individual’s desire to connect with their higher self or the divine. It could represent the journey the dreamer is taking to achieve higher consciousness. The multi-tiered structure of the ziggurat can symbolize different levels of consciousness or steps that one needs to take in their spiritual journey. The grandeur of the Ziggurat can also suggest feelings of awe or insignificance, reflecting the dreamer’s awe before the divine or their feelings of smallness in the grand scheme of life.

Ziggurat in Myths and Folklore

In ancient myths and folklore, Ziggurats often symbolize the place where humans converse with the gods. One prominent example is the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible, which was likely inspired by Babylonian ziggurats. The tower, built by a unified human race to reach the heavens, became a symbol of human pride and divine punishment when God caused the builders to speak different languages, leading to their dispersion. In other Mesopotamian myths, Ziggurats were considered the dwelling places of the gods and were central to various creation myths and epic tales. These stories often underscore the Ziggurat’s symbolism as a link between the earthly and the divine.

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