A candelabrum, or candlestick, is a piece of ornamental artwork typically used to hold several candles. The symbolic meaning of a candelabrum stands for enlightenment, illumination, and the dispelling of ignorance. It also represents spiritual development and awakening, as the light from candles is often associated with knowledge and wisdom. This connection is emphasized further by the fact that the use of candelabra is common in religious and spiritual rituals.

  • Symbolism: Enlightenment, Illumination, Dispelling of ignorance, Spiritual development, Knowledge, Wisdom.

Candelabrum in Dreams

Dreaming about a candelabrum is often associated with insight, clarity, and revelation. In the psychological realm, a candelabrum in dreams symbolizes the dreamer’s search for understanding and enlightenment. The number of candles on the candelabrum can indicate the magnitude of this understanding or the different aspects the dreamer is exploring. If the candles are lit, it suggests an active pursuit of knowledge, while extinguished candles can signify a pause or blockage in this process.

  • Symbolism: Insight, Clarity, Revelation, Search for understanding, Enlightenment, Magnitude of understanding, Active pursuit of knowledge, Pause, Blockage in process.

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Candelabrum in Myths and Folklore

In various myths and folklore, the candelabrum is a powerful symbol of divine presence. In Jewish tradition, the menorah, a seven-branched candelabrum, represents the seven days of creation and has been a significant symbol since ancient times. It symbolizes God’s everlasting light and the wisdom of the Torah. Similarly, in Christian tradition, the candelabrum is often used in the symbolism of light and truth, representing Christ as the ‘Light of the World.’

In Roman mythology, the candelabrum bears a connection to Vesta, the goddess of hearth, home, and family. This makes the candelabrum a symbol of domestic tranquility and stability.

  • Symbolism: Divine presence, Seven days of creation, God’s everlasting light, Wisdom of the Torah, Christ as the ‘Light of the World’, Connection to Vesta, Domestic tranquility, Stability.

Candelabrum Spiritual Meanings

In a spiritual context, a candelabrum symbolizes the path to enlightenment and spiritual growth. It represents the light that guides individuals through the darkness of ignorance and towards the illumination of knowledge. The multiple candle branches offer a metaphor for multiple paths to reach the same truth. It’s often associated with inner peace, wisdom, and spiritual awakening.

  • Symbolism: Path to enlightenment, Spiritual growth, Guide through darkness, Illumination of knowledge, Multiple paths to truth, Inner peace, Wisdom, Spiritual awakening.

Candelabrum Tattoo Meaning

A candelabrum tattoo typically carries meanings of light, wisdom, and guidance. The candelabrum itself is a symbol of stability and balance, with each branch of candles representing different aspects of life or spirituality. Just as the candelabrum holds multiple candles, a tattoo can signify the balance of multiple elements in one’s life. It can also signify resilience, as the candelabrum holds the light even in the darkest times.

  • Symbolism: Light, Wisdom, Guidance, Stability, Balance, Different aspects of life, Balance of multiple elements, Resilience.
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