Lagoons, as bodies of water separated from larger bodies such as seas or oceans by a barrier, symbolize a holding place for deeply buried emotions, unconscious thoughts, and personal secrets. Often, they stand for tranquility, peace and solitude and can also signify a transitional phase in life, a place between the known and the unknown.

  • Symbolism: Seclusion, Tranquility, Unconscious Thoughts, Secrets, Transition.

Lagoon in Dreams

Dreaming about a lagoon carries a strong psychological connotation. It’s often associated with emotional stagnation or feelings that have been repressed. A calm lagoon represents peace of mind, while a turbulent one indicates emotional turmoil. Seeing a lagoon in your dream may also signify a need for a break or a desire for peace and solitude.

  • Symbolism: Emotional Stagnation, Repressed Feelings, Peace of Mind, Turmoil, Solitude.

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Lagoon in Myths and Folklore

In folklore, lagoons often serve as a mystical or enchanted place. In Hawaiian mythology, for instance, the lagoon is seen as a sacred place where the spirits of the ancestors reside. They’re also considered gateways to other realms in various cultures. Lagoons are also associated with stories of mythical creatures and mermaids, often portrayed as their dwelling place. This association with the mystical and the unknown lends the lagoon a sense of mystery and allure.

In some African cultures, lagoons are considered sacred and are often associated with various deities. They’re believed to possess healing properties and are seen as a source of life and fertility. This connection with life and the divine gives the lagoon a spiritual significance.

  • Symbolism: Mysticism, Enchantment, Gateway to Other Realms, Mystery, Allure, Sacredness, Healing, Life, Fertility.

Lagoon Spiritual Meanings

In a spiritual context, a lagoon symbolizes self-reflection, introspection, and inner exploration. Due to its calm and serene nature, it’s often associated with meditation and spiritual healing. The barrier separating the lagoon from the larger body of water symbolizes the thin veil between our conscious and unconscious minds, signifying the journey into the spiritual realm or the deep self.

  • Symbolism: Self-Reflection, Introspection, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Conscious and Unconscious Minds, Spiritual Realm.

Lagoon Tattoo Meaning

A lagoon tattoo epitomizes a myriad of meanings rooted in its symbolic significance. It can represent a person’s desire for peace, solitude, or rest. Alternatively, it might symbolize one’s journey into the self, a reference to introspection and self-discovery. The allure and mystery associated with lagoons can also be reflected in such tattoos, making them a popular choice for those with a love for the mystical and enchanted.

  • Symbolism: Peace, Solitude, Introspection, Self-Discovery, Allure, Mysticism.
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