A cloister is a quiet, peaceful place, typically within a monastery or convent, that is designed for solitary contemplation or prayer. Symbolically, the cloister represents seclusion, tranquility, introspection, and spiritual ascendance. The architectural structure of a cloister, often characterized by an open courtyard surrounded by covered passages, is symbolic of the balance and interplay between the realms of the physical and spiritual. It underscores the idea of spiritual growth through solitude, and the attainment of wisdom through quiet reflection.

Cloister in Dreams

In the context of dreams, a cloister may symbolize a desire for tranquility and solitude, or the necessity for introspection. Psychologically speaking, it might reflect a need for personal space or a retreat from the demands and stresses of everyday life. Dreaming of a cloister could indicate a longing for peace and serenity, or a desire to connect more deeply with one’s spiritual or inner self. It may also represent feelings of confinement or restriction, suggesting a need for liberation and personal growth.

Cloister in Myths and Folklore

In myths and folklore, cloisters often serve as settings for spiritual enlightenment and miraculous occurrences. For instance, in various Christian legends, the cloister is where saints and monks receive divine revelations or perform miracles. Similarly, in Japanese folklore, temples with cloister-like spaces are often associated with sacred rituals and spiritual awakenings. The cloister, with its inherent sense of solitude and serenity, is a common motif in narratives highlighting the journey towards spiritual enlightenment and the transcendence of the material world.


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