The horseshoe is a universally recognized symbol, often associated with good luck and protection. It is believed that its auspicious powers stem from the material it is made from, which is iron – a metal known for its strength and durability. Additionally, the horseshoe’s crescent shape is reminiscent of the moon, a celestial body often linked with fertility and prosperity. Traditionally, horseshoes are hung over doorways with the open end upwards in many cultures to keep evil spirits at bay and invite good fortune into the house.

Horseshoe in Dreams

In dream interpretation, seeing a horseshoe is generally considered as a positive omen. According to psychologists, this might be an indication of one’s subconscious reflecting feelings of optimism, resilience, and readiness to face life’s challenges. Dreaming of a horseshoe may also signify that the dreamer feels protected or shielded from negative influences or harm. Furthermore, it can represent the dreamer’s aspirations for success and the confidence in their ability to achieve their goals.

Horseshoe in Myths and Folklore

The horseshoe holds a prominent position in several myths and folklore. For example, in Irish folklore, it is believed that hanging a horseshoe outside your door can keep away mischievous fairies who bring bad luck. In Greek mythology, the horseshoe is associated with the god Hephaestus, the divine blacksmith, further strengthening its connection with strength and protection. Moreover, in some Christian traditions, the horseshoe is linked to Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who, according to legend, trapped the devil in a horseshoe, which further reinforces the belief in its protective properties.


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