The cosmos symbolizes the universe, life, existence and the infinite. It represents an understanding of the wider, more expansive world; a reminder of our small place within the vast universe. It’s a symbol of wonder, exploration, and discovery, often linked to wisdom, insight and the pursuit of knowledge. It can also represent chaos, disorder and unpredictability, depicting the unknown mysteries and uncertainties of the universe.

  • Symbolism: Universe, Life, Existence, Infinity, Wonder, Exploration, Discovery, Wisdom, Insight, Knowledge, Chaos, Disorder, Unpredictability.

Cosmos in Dreams

When the cosmos appears in dreams, it can often signify one’s feelings of insignificance or overwhelmed by life’s complexities. This could indicate that the dreamer is grappling with something much larger than themselves. It can also be an encouraging sign of exploration and discovery, hinting at the dreamer’s desire to understand more about themselves and the world around them.

Cosmos in Myths and Folklore

In many mythologies and folklores worldwide, the cosmos or the universe is considered the source of all life. For instance, in Greek mythology, ‘Kosmos’ was used to describe an ordered and harmonious system, signifying the world or the universe. In Norse mythology, the cosmos was depicted as the World Tree (Yggdrasil), connecting the heavens, earth, and underworld.

In indigenous Australian stories, the idea of ‘Dreamtime’ or ‘The Dreaming’ describes a time when the cosmos was created. These stories express a deep connection between the cosmos and life on earth.

  • Symbolism: Source of Life, Order, Harmony, Connection, Creation.

Cosmos Spiritual Meanings

From a spiritual perspective, the cosmos symbolizes the interconnectedness of all things. It signifies the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds, and the idea that everything in the universe is connected. It also represents the endless cycle of life and death, suggesting the eternal nature of the spirit. The cosmos may also symbolize spiritual enlightenment and awakening, reflecting the journey of seeking wisdom and understanding.

  • Symbolism: Interconnectedness, Spiritual-Physical Relationship, Cycle of Life and Death, Enlightenment, Awakening.

Cosmos Tattoo Meaning

A cosmos tattoo often represents a person’s fascination with the universe and the unknown. It may symbolize one’s desire for exploration, self-discovery, and understanding. The cosmos tattoo can also represent a person’s small place in the universe, signifying humility and insignificance. It might indicate the person’s acceptance of the vast, complex nature of life and the universe.

  • Symbolism: Fascination, Exploration, Self-Discovery, Humility, Acceptance.


What does the cosmos symbolize generally?
The cosmos generally symbolizes the universe, life, existence, and the infinite. It represents wisdom, insight, exploration, and discovery. It can also symbolize chaos and unpredictability, referring to the unknown mysteries of the universe.

What does the cosmos symbolize in dreams?
In dreams, the cosmos can symbolize feelings of insignificance or being overwhelmed by life’s complexities. It can also indicate exploration, discovery, and a desire to understand oneself and the world.

What does a cosmos tattoo symbolize?
A cosmos tattoo symbolizes fascination with the universe and the unknown. It may represent desire for exploration, self-discovery, and understanding. It can also indicate humility and acceptance of one’s small place in the vast universe.


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