The cube is a geometric shape that is rich in symbolism and meaning. It is a representation of stability, foundation, and solidity due to its physical properties – all sides are equal, and it remains stable no matter how it is placed. In spiritual and metaphysical terms, the cube is associated with the element of Earth, grounding energies, and material world manifestation. It symbolizes the three-dimensional world we live in, and by extension, it can denote physical reality, the body, and tangible, material matters.

Cube in Dreams

In the field of dream analysis, the cube often stands as a symbol for stability and solidity, mirroring its general symbolism. However, it can also represent the self and one’s personal identity due to its equal sides, suggesting balance and integration of different aspects of one’s personality. Should the cube appear unstable or distorted in a dream, it might indicate feelings of insecurity or imbalance in the dreamer’s waking life. Psychologically, the cube in a dream can serve as a prompt for self-reflection, urging the dreamer to assess their stability and balance their physical, emotional, and intellectual selves.

Cube in Myths and Folklore

The cube holds a significant place in various myths and folklore around the world. In ancient Greek mythology, the cube was associated with the Earth, as it was the shape assigned to Gaia, the goddess of the Earth. In many ancient cultures, the cube was considered the shape of the Earth, emphasizing its connotation with grounding and stability. Similarly, in Judaic tradition, the cube symbolizes the holy of holies, the most sacred part of the temple, representing the earthly dwelling place of God. Traces of cube symbolism can also be found in fairy tales and folklore, where it often represents a challenge to be overcome or a powerful tool to achieve stability.


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