Obelisks are ancient stone monoliths, typically characterized by a tall, narrow, four-sided structure that tapers towards a pyramid-like top. These structures are often seen as symbols of stability and permanence, embodying the enduring nature of stone. They’re believed to be associated with the sun god in ancient Egyptian culture due to their resemblance to sun rays. Additionally, in a broader sense, obelisks represent the principle of the masculine, embodying power, dominion, and a connection to the divine. Their towering figure is often seen as a way to bridge the gap between earth and sky, acting as a conduit for heavenly energies.

Obelisk in Dreams

The presence of an obelisk in dreams is often seen through the lens of psychoanalytic interpretation. The obelisk is generally interpreted as a symbol of power, dominance, and authority, reflecting a person’s desire for control or respect. In addition, it can also signify spiritual aspiration, due to its association with reaching towards the heavens. However, the context of the dream is crucial in determining its specific meaning. For instance, if the obelisk is crumbling or falling, it might suggest a loss of power, stability, or a crisis of faith.

Obelisk in Myths and Folklore

Obelisks hold a significant place in various myths, legends, and folklore. For instance, in ancient Egyptian mythology, obelisks are often associated with the sun god Ra, believed to be physical manifestations of the sun’s rays. They were seen as sacred structures that connect the earthly realm with the divine. In Roman mythology, obelisks were used as monumental markers and were believed to possess protective properties. Additionally, in some African folklore, obelisks are seen as ancestral stones, serving as a link between the living and the spirits of the ancestors. Despite the varying cultural contexts, the recurring theme is the obelisk’s representation of a spiritual connection, a pathway between the earthly and the heavenly, the human and the divine.

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