The head is a profound symbol in many societies representing leadership, intellect, wisdom, and power. It’s often used to depict authority and decision-making capabilities. Furthermore, it’s associated with the center of human thought, emotions, and consciousness. This symbolism is prevalent in various associations, from heads of state, department heads, to phrases like “use your head.”

  • Symbolism: Leadership, Intellect, Wisdom, Power, Authority, Decision-making

Head in Dreams

In the psychological context, dreaming of a head often denotes wisdom, intellect, and clarity of thought. It can illustrate the dreamer’s level of understanding or awareness of a situation. A dream of a large head may symbolize out-of-proportion ego or self-importance, while a small one could indicate feelings of insignificance or inferiority. Dreams featuring disfigured heads could represent distorted thoughts or feelings.

  • Symbolism: Wisdom, Intellect, Clarity of Thought, Self-Importance, Insignificance, Distorted Thoughts

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Head in Myths and Folklore

In ancient Greek mythology, the multi-headed Hydra monster symbolized the enormity of Hercules’ tasks and the persistence of evil. In Celtic mythology, the severed head of Connemara giant Balor became a symbol of victory over evil. In Japanese folklore, the Rokurokubi are creatures whose heads detach and fly about independently, signifying unrestrained desires or emotions.

In Hindu mythology, the god Ganesha’s elephant head symbolizes wisdom and learning. The many heads of the deity Brahma represent the four Vedas, symbolizing his omniscience.

  • Symbolism: Enormity of Tasks, Persistence of Evil, Victory over Evil, Unrestrained Desires, Wisdom, Learning, Omniscience

Head Spiritual Meanings

In spiritual terms, the head is often seen as a symbol of divine connection and enlightenment. It’s considered the seat of the soul, where the higher consciousness resides. The “crown chakra” in Hindu spirituality, located at the top of the head, is said to be the point of connection to divine spirituality and inner wisdom.

  • Symbolism: Divine Connection, Enlightenment, Seat of the Soul, Higher Consciousness, Inner Wisdom

Head Tattoo Meaning

A tattoo of a head often symbolizes power, intellect, and the ability to lead. It can represent the individual’s personal strength, wisdom, or decision-making capabilities. An intricately designed head tattoo might represent complex thoughts or ideas. A tattoo of a disfigured head could symbolize overcoming past traumas or emotional struggles.

  • Symbolism: Power, Intellect, Leadership, Personal Strength, Wisdom, Complex Thoughts, Overcoming Trauma.
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