Ironing, as an act or symbol, is often associated with the idea of smoothing out problems, pressing out the wrinkles of life, or setting things in order. It represents a sense of responsibility, meticulousness, and organization. Ironing can also symbolize domesticity, routine, and sometimes servitude or monotony, reflecting the often tedious nature of this household chore.

  • Symbolism: Order, Problem-solving, Responsibility, Domesticity, Routine, Monotony

Ironing in Dreams

Psychologically, dreaming about ironing suggests a need for control or desire for perfection. It could signify the dreamer’s attempt to iron out issues and conflicts. It might also reflect the dreamer’s focus on mundane tasks and routines. If the act of ironing in the dream is effortless, it might suggest you are effectively managing your tasks or problems. On the other hand, difficulty in ironing implies obstacles in problem-solving.

  • Symbolism: Control, Perfection, Conflict Resolution, Focus on Routine, Effective Management, Difficulty in Problem-solving

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Ironing in Myths and Folklore

In historical folklore and fairy tales, ironing rarely appears as a distinct symbol. However, when it does, it’s often related to feminine roles and domestic life. For instance, in the Russian fairy tale "The Iron Stove," ironing is one part of the domestic tasks the princess must perform. Similarly, in some folktales, fairies and spirits are said to be repelled by iron, tracing back to the domestic act of ironing as a protective gesture.

In another context, the ironing board itself in African American folklore serves as a symbol of the domestic servitude that many women of color were subjected to. It’s a reminder of the historical oppression and a symbol for the resilience of these women.

  • Symbolism: Domestic Life, Feminine roles, Protection, Servitude, Historical Oppression, Resilience

Ironing Spiritual Meanings

In spiritual terms, ironing signifies cleansing and purification, as it removes wrinkles or imperfections. It could also represent transformation and metamorphosis, just as a wrinkled piece of cloth is transformed into a smooth one through ironing. Spiritually, it could suggest personal development and progress, ironing out personal flaws and imperfections.

  • Symbolism: Cleansing, Purification, Transformation, Personal Development, Progress

Ironing Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos depicting an iron or ironing board can have a variety of meanings based on an individual’s perspective. Some might use it to symbolize their commitment to domestic life, embodying a sense of order and routine. It could also stand for their tenacity and resilience, much like the ironing women in folklore. A more modern interpretation might see it as a symbol of rebellion against traditional domestic roles.

  • Symbolism: Domesticity, Order, Routine, Resilience, Rebellion against Domestic Roles


What does ironing symbolize in dreams?
Ironing in dreams often signifies a desire for control or perfection. It could also represent the dreamer’s attempt to resolve conflict or focus on routine tasks.

What is the spiritual meaning of ironing?
Spiritually, ironing suggests cleansing and purification, as it symbolizes the removal of imperfections. It also implies transformation and personal development.

What does an ironing tattoo represent?
An ironing tattoo can symbolize domestic life, order, routine, or resilience. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of rebellion against traditional domestic roles.

What does the act of ironing signify in myths and folklore?
In folklore, ironing usually relates to domestic roles and feminine tasks. It is also seen as a symbol of servitude, historical oppression, and resilience in some cultures.


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