Pigs, commonly associated with abundance, fertility, and prosperity, represent the cycles of life due to their transformative nature from piglet to hog. They are symbols of luck, prosperity, and wealth in many cultures, and are often linked with the earth and its nurturing aspects. Their intelligence and social nature also contribute to their symbolism as creatures of wisdom and companionship.

  • Symbolism: Abundance, fertility, prosperity, luck, wealth, earth, nurturing, wisdom, companionship.

Pig in Dreams

Dreaming about pigs can have various interpretations based on the context. Generally, they signify abundance and wealth. If the pig in your dream is healthy, it could indicate prosperity and good fortune ahead. On the other hand, a sick or dirty pig might suggest that you need to address issues related to greed or gluttony. Pigs in dreams can also symbolize intelligence, intuition, and the need for social interaction.

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  • Symbolism: Abundance, wealth, prosperity, good fortune, greed, gluttony, intelligence, intuition, social interaction.

Pig in Myths and Folklore

In many myths and folklore, pigs represent fertility and abundance. In Celtic mythology, the pig is a sacred animal associated with the goddess Circe who could transform men into pigs. In Chinese folklore, the pig is one of the 12 zodiac signs and symbolizes wealth, luck, and honesty. The tale of the Three Little Pigs in western folklore teaches lessons about wisdom and resourcefulness.

In contrast, in some cultures, pigs are seen as symbols of laziness and gluttony due to their seemingly laid-back nature and constant eating habits. However, these interpretations often overlook the pig’s intelligence and social nature.

  • Symbolism: Fertility, abundance, transformation, wealth, luck, honesty, wisdom, resourcefulness, laziness, gluttony, intelligence, social nature.

Pig Spiritual Meanings

Spiritually, pigs symbolize generosity and abundance. They are seen as guides for transformation and growth, encouraging us to embrace change and our natural instincts. Their intelligence and social nature also make them symbols of communication and community. In some spiritual practices, the pig serves as a reminder to stay grounded and connected to the earth.

  • Symbolism: Generosity, abundance, transformation, growth, natural instincts, communication, community, grounding.

Pig Tattoo Meaning

A pig tattoo can represent a lot depending upon the wearer’s personal interpretation. Generally, they symbolize prosperity, luck, and wealth. The image of a flying pig particularly symbolizes the belief in the impossible. A pig tattoo can also be a symbol of one’s strong connection with nature and the earth, embodying the nurturing aspects of the pig’s symbolism.

  • Symbolism: Prosperity, luck, wealth, belief in the impossible, connection with nature and earth, nurturing.


Why is the pig a symbol of prosperity and wealth?
Pigs are often associated with prosperity and wealth due to their fertility and their role in agriculture. They reproduce quickly and in large numbers, providing a reliable source of food and income, thus symbolizing abundance and wealth.

What does a pig symbolize in a dream?
A pig in a dream generally symbolizes abundance, wealth, and prosperity. However, the specifics of the dream can shift this interpretation. For example, a healthy pig indicates good fortune, while a dirty pig might suggest issues with greed or gluttony.

What is the spiritual meaning of a pig?
Spiritually, pigs symbolize abundance, generosity, and transformation. They serve as a reminder to stay grounded, embrace our natural instincts and encourage growth and communication.

What does a pig tattoo symbolize?
A pig tattoo typically symbolizes prosperity, luck, and wealth. It may also represent a belief in the impossible, particularly when depicted as a flying pig, or a strong connection to nature and the earth.


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