Reindeer are often associated with journey, strength, and endurance because of their natural capabilities and environment. Living in harsh winter conditions, they symbolize resilience and survival. As social creatures, reindeer also embody community and family. Their antlers, which they shed and regrow annually, are seen as symbols of regeneration, growth, and wisdom.

  • Symbolism: Journey, Strength, Endurance, Resilience, Survival, Community, Family, Regeneration, Growth, Wisdom.

Reindeer in Dreams

Dreaming of a reindeer often indicates that you are prepared for what lies ahead, embodying resilience and endurance. It can suggest a journey, either physical or spiritual, that you are about to embark on or are already undertaking. Seeing a reindeer can also represent a desire for companionship and community, or growth and personal development.

  • Symbolism: Preparedness, Resilience, Journey, Companionship, Growth.

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Reindeer in Myths and Folklore

In many cultures, reindeer have significant roles in myths and folklore. In Sami mythology, for instance, the world was created by a divine reindeer. Similarly, in Norse mythology, reindeer were sacred to the goddess Freyja, representing love, beauty, and fertility. The mythology of the Siberian and North American indigenous peoples also features reindeer as symbols of spiritual guidance and transformation.

Moreover, the modern Western Christmas tradition features reindeer as the animals that pull Santa Claus’s sleigh, symbolizing magic, joy, and the spirit of giving.

  • Symbolism: Creation, Divinity, Love, Beauty, Fertility, Guidance, Transformation, Magic, Joy, Generosity.

Reindeer Spiritual Meanings

In spiritual contexts, reindeer often embody the energy of gratitude, abundance, and generosity. They are seen as spirit guides, assisting in personal transformation and providing guidance for life’s journey. The reindeer’s ability to survive in harsh conditions also makes it a symbol of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

  • Symbolism: Gratitude, Abundance, Generosity, Guidance, Transformation, Strength, Resilience.

Reindeer Tattoo Meaning

A reindeer tattoo typically represents journeying, whether it’s physical travel or a journey of personal growth and transformation. It may also symbolize strength and resilience, echoing the reindeer’s survival in harsh conditions. Additionally, such a tattoo can embody a sense of community and family, or represent regeneration and wisdom, reflecting the annual growth of reindeer antlers.

  • Symbolism: Journeying, Growth, Transformation, Strength, Resilience, Community, Family, Regeneration, Wisdom.


What does a reindeer symbolize?
A reindeer generally symbolizes journey, strength, and resilience, as well as community, family, regeneration, and wisdom.

What does seeing a reindeer in your dream mean?
Dreaming of a reindeer often suggests preparedness, resilience, a journey, companionship, or personal growth.

What is the significance of the reindeer in myths and folklore?
In various myths and folklore, reindeer are often associated with creation, divinity, love, beauty, fertility, guidance, transformation, magic, joy, and generosity.

What does a reindeer tattoo signify?
A reindeer tattoo typically represents journeying, personal growth, transformation, strength, resilience, community, family, regeneration, and wisdom.


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