The spider, as a creature, holds a multitude of symbolic meanings. It is often seen as an emblem of patience due its hunting technique of setting webs and waiting for prey. From this behavior, it also symbolizes creativity and cunning. The spider’s web can be seen as a metaphor for the universe, being a structure that requires intricate and meticulous construction. Spiders are also associated with mystery, growth, power, and the feminine.

Spider in Dreams

From a psychological perspective, dreaming about spiders can be interpreted in various ways. In general, spiders in dreams can represent feelings of being an outsider, like an observer or a silent participant in life. Additionally, they can symbolize manipulation; if the dreamer is the spider, they may feel in control. But if the spider is a threatening presence, it may indicate the dreamer feels manipulated by someone or something in their waking life. Spiders can also represent a mother figure in your life, or they could signify a fear that is trapping you.

Spider in Myths and Folklore

In various cultures and folklore, spiders hold significant presence. In Greek mythology, Arachne was a talented mortal weaver who challenged Athena, goddess of wisdom and crafts, to a weaving contest. This story is the source of the word ‘Arachnid’, the class to which spiders belong. In West African and Native American mythology, the spider is often a trickster god, known as Anansi and Iktomi respectively. These gods are known for their wisdom, creativity and are revered as story tellers. In many cultures, they are seen as the creators of the world. Spiders also appear in various other cultural myths and fairy tales, symbolizing different attributes such as patience, cruelty, cunning, and creativity.

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