The symbolism of the world, in a broad sense, encompasses unity, inclusiveness, and totality. It’s often used to denote the entirety of human existence, encompassing all cultures, societies, and life as we know it. When we speak of “the world”, we acknowledge the complexity and vastness of life, while accepting our integral part within it. The world symbol serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness and interdependence, a symbol of global unity and common purpose.

  • Symbolism: unity, inclusiveness, totality, interconnectivity, global unity.

World in Dreams

In the field of dream interpretation and psychology, dreaming about the world often signifies a sense of being overwhelmed by responsibilities or situations. It may reflect a feeling of being burdened by too many concerns. Alternatively, it can also signify a desire for exploration and understanding, indicating a mind that’s ready to delve deeper into the mysteries of life and the universe.

  • Symbolism: feeling overwhelmed, burdened by responsibilities, desire for exploration, quest for understanding.
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World in Myths and Folklore

In various myths and folklore, especially creation stories, the world often represents the stage where the drama of life unfolds. For instance, in Norse mythology, the world is depicted as a gigantic tree, Yggdrasil, on which all realms of existence reside. It’s a symbol of life’s interconnectedness and the cyclical nature of existence. On the other hand, in Hindu mythology, the world is often depicted as resting on the backs of elephants, which stand on the shell of a tortoise, symbolizing the cyclical nature of time and the eternal nature of the universe.

  • Symbolism: stage of life, interconnectedness, cyclical nature of existence, eternal universe, cyclical time.

World Spiritual Meanings

In a spiritual context, the world often symbolizes the completion of a cycle or a journey. This could be the conclusion of a personal struggle, the end of a particular phase of life, or the culmination of a spiritual journey. It also represents a moment of understanding and enlightenment, where one realizes the interconnectedness of all things and the unity of existence.

  • Symbolism: completion, end of a journey, enlightenment, interconnectedness, unity of existence.

World Tattoo Meaning

A world tattoo typically symbolizes a person’s appreciation for the diversity and unity of life on earth. It can represent a love for travel and exploration, an acknowledgement of global interconnectedness, or a personal commitment to environmental conservation. On a more personal level, the world tattoo can signify one’s world being centered around a particular person or idea.

  • Symbolism: appreciation for diversity, love for travel, global interconnectedness, environmental conservation, personal center of the world.
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